As professionals in your own right I am sure you have detailed schedules to meet your customers individual needs. At Lookers we recognise that through efficient communication we are able to assist you in achieving your goals and thereby help you create the right impression.

Our reprographic studio has recently been upgraded to include the latest software and hardware technology with a pdf workflow computer to plate system. We automatically produce full colour low resolution proofs to confirm content and to allow us a final check against any hard copy supplied.

High resolution proofs can be produced, at an extra cost, and this equipment has been colour calibrated, but due to the variation in dots per inch to an actual printed copy the colour cannot be guaranteed to be 100% exact. If colour balance is important then we recommend you have a wet proof.

The control we have at the front end is essential to ensure that the printed, finished item is of the highest quality without any errors. Therefore, if files are saved to disk as pre-flight checked certified pdfs, and sent with validated colour laser proofs, then we can guarantee that what you see is what you get.

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