Operating the latest Apple Macintosh and PC hardware, our studio runs industry standard software programmes that handle design, page layout, illustration, photographic manipulation and commercial publishing.

Clients work accepted on: 3.5 inch floppy, 230mb Optical, 250mb and 100mb Zip, 1gb Jaz and CD formats. Also ISDN: 01202 628456 (4Sight ISDN Manager)

Mac Hardware: The most up to date systems from the Macintosh range of desktop computers.
PC Hardware: Pentium III PC
Colour Laser Proofing: Epson Stylus Pro9000 and Epson Photo 1270 enabling us to provide high quality digital glossy proofs up to A1.
Laser Proofing: Mono LaserWriter 16/600dpi

Software and file formats: QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, CorelDraw. Files also accepted as high resolution PDF, EPS, TIF and JPG files. AIT and DAT Archiving System and Writable CD-Rom

Linotype-Hell Topaz CCD Scanner
Linotype-Hell Hercules Pro Imagesetter and Harlequin Rip (Postscript Level 3)
Creo Lotum 800 Computer to Plate with Brisque Workflow.

Conventional Planning and Platemaking Facilities: IGP Laserline 780 Film Processor; Bacher System Plate and Foil Punch; Dainippon P814G semi-automatic Print-Down Frame; Unigraph Quartz 85 Plate Processor with Water Ecology Unit


Heidelberg Speedmaster 102F 5-Colour - B1 CP Tronic
max. sheet size: 720mm x 1020mm min. sheet size: 400mm x 520mm
max. print area: 700mm x 1020mm
fitted with CPC1-02, Baldwin Circulation Unit, Technotrans combi-mix, alcolor damping and grafix spray powder unit, plus IR Drying
MBO B30 continuous feed Folder: maximum sheet size: 720mm x 1020mm
Muller Martini 1508 Minuteman Stitching Line: with 2 twin feeders, cover feed and T1522 3 knife trimmer.
Polar EM115 Programmatic Guillotine: with Micro-computer control -
maximum sheet width: 1150mm

Ford Transit van: carrying 1.5 tonnes for local and nationwide delivery.

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